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Work In Progress Pokemon Zef Sun & Moon (Hard Mode): Released 1/10/17!
[Image: zybMEhi.png]

As good as Sun and Moon are, I had a few personal issues with the game, here are a few:
Almost no trainers had more than 3 Pokemon
The distribution of new Pokemon was awful, a lot being 1-5% chances of them appearing
The regional dex was smaller than the previous entry in the series

In this hack, I aimed to fix all of this.

  • Over 200 additional Pokemon added to the region
  • Every single trainer in the game has been edited to be harder, AI of every important story trainer improved
  • More generic NPC 'route bosses'
  • Bad Pokemon have been buffed to be usable, an example is Ledian being Bug/Fighting with better stats and a wider movepool (Optional)
  • Level curve drastically increased, but balanced out along the way
  • Every Pokemon can evolve without trading, an example is Magmarizer becoming a 'Use' item like the Fire Stone
  • Various moves have been buffed to be more useful (ex: Needle Arm is base 85)
  • Thrifty Megamart was changed to hold more useful items (Every item needed to evolve a Pokemon pretty much)
  • Magearna and Marshadow available through ingame trades
  • Totem Pokemon rebalanced to be more difficult
  • Most Pokemon have their Hidden Abilities available
  • Wider distribution of new moves (Smart Strike, High Horsepower)
  • Custom music (Optional)

If you want to play the game without rebalanced Pokemon and moves
Go into SaltySD/SunMoon/a/ and delete the following:
  • a\0\1\1
  • a\0\1\3
  • a\0\1\7

"Why should I play this?"
Most Pokemon fans are constantly complaining about lack of difficulty, and I feel this makes Sun & Moon just hard enough for most of the older Pokemon fans to enjoy. With a whole bunch of new Pokemon to find and use in the region, a majority of them being buffed, retyped and having revamped level up sets, I feel that this is worth playing through to enjoy Sun & Moon again, with a challenge being present.

I'm confident in how much I know Pokemon, and so are the other two people that worked with me. We've made sure to make this as enjoyable as we can.

Screenshots: (more will come as the game gets closer to release)

ROM Hackers:
  • @TheRealZef
  • @PletmanJones
  • @ThatDude433
  • @SuperTurtle for graphic design
  • @Kaphotics for creating pk3ds
  • @Mewmore and @Kamex_55 for some music
If I'm missing anyone, please let me know

Finishing Up
If you encounter any gamebreaking bugs, please message me on twitter. Please don't bother anyone else credited here, just me.
This game can only be played by having Luma3DS installed on your 3DS. This can be done to every single 3DS out now. I will not explain how, information is everywhere.

As of the first release, the game can be played start to finish.
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woah!! this looks super cool!! as for the emulator to play the game, which would you recommend?
(12-20-2016, 09:36 AM)Girafarig Wrote: woah!! this looks super cool!! as for the emulator to play the game, which would you recommend?

The emulator that has seen the most progress in development is Citra:

However, while not in its infancy, 3DS emulation has really not matured to the point where the majority of games are able to be played without significant bugs or missing features. You may need to extract files from an actual console for certain things to work properly, and you may need to use an unofficial build of the emulator. Even then there will likely be bugs and/or crashes, broken features, and you'll need a powerful computer to run it at a decent framerate.

Not trying to discourage you from trying by the way. If you have a decent computer, see what others have done to get Sun and Moon working and give it a try.

The way most people play 3DS ROM hacks is on an actual 3DS console. This requires at the very least access to Homebrew Launcher but most likely requires a custom firmware. I'm sure the requirements will be in the OP once a release is ready.

This looks pretty good! I agree with you, Sun and Moon were way too easy. I think this hack will fix it.

I love how you've improved battle levels. That will make it more challenging for the player.

The encounter rates in Sun and Moon were ridiculously low. This should fix it.

If I were to suggest improvements, I would say...

1. Make sure the EXP share is still in the game. You want to make it hard, but not impossible.

2. Maybe, after beating the Champion, you've found that along with a Pokemon league, gyms have been constructed...

3. Lastly, for me, Team Skull had no point being there. Maybe you could make them a bit better, along with revealing more backstory behing Guzma and Kukui.

Hope I helped.
(12-20-2016, 09:36 AM)Girafarig Wrote: woah!! this looks super cool!! as for the emulator to play the game, which would you recommend?

hey, sorry for the ridiculously late response, been working on things. every 3ds can now be modded to have luma3ds on it, and i don't think i can talk about it here so i won't. look into that

(01-08-2017, 12:30 PM)Djaco75 Wrote: snip
i'll address your ideas in order
1. it is still in the game, and shouldn't be turned off ever
2+3. i can't add new events to the game yet to my knowledge, so both of these cant happen just yet

the game has been officially released, updated the OP with a link

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