Work In Progress Pokémon Lunar
Pokémon Lunar -Firered Hack
First of all hello,My name is Kostas and this is my very first ROM Hack.

The story starts with a flashback of you, your Mother who is an archeologist and Professor Alan, visiting some ancient ruins in kanto. However, something goes wrong and you're seperated from your Mother. Now, the professor must protect you and he's taking you to the Tagral Region. 

After 2 years your adventure as a Pokémon trainer will begin. However many strange incidents are taking place in the Tagral region that time.

  • A whole new region to explore: Tagral region is known for the various climates. You can see climates from tropical to snowy! 
  • New mechanics, Physical/Special split: Fairy type is in! You gain Exp points when you catch Pokémon and also the B/W repel system!
  • Hidden grotto makes its appearance too! Is this a narrow path? Let's follow it. 
  • New Pokémon: Because of the various climates, you will encounter many Pokémon from many other regions. And because of this, you will get a new regional Pokédex! 
  • Meet many famous people from other regions! One of them is Riley and Cynthia! 
  • Mega evolution: You can use Mega Evolution in Tagral thanks to Professor Alan's research!

[Image: NXjCPEA.png] [Image: Qo9GDZP.png] [Image: I93DM7s.png]
[Image: jSonF10.png] [Image: DIaTO0T.png] [Image: r6Crx08.png]
[Image: fYLP0Qr.png] [Image: UQY7kdF.png] [Image: N6mi53i.png]
[Image: 4QCr5Xn.png] [Image: EogZAVT.png] [Image: 9buUcyg.png]
Thanks and Credits
  • Diegoisawesome: For his amazing XSE scripting tutorial
  • Christos: For helping me with everything since I joined PC.
  • MrDollSteak: For his amazing Decap. and Attack Rombase
  • JPAN: For his Hacked Engine.
  • KyleDove: For some of the tiles.
  • Gonz: For some of the OW's.
  • Spherical Ice: For some of the tiles.
  • The redex: For some of the tiles.

Videos (The videos are old, many things have changed since then.)

WIP. Underground mining.
[Image: QApin3T.png] [Image: 4ihJKVs.png] [Image: EJFmYgR.png]
For a Rom hack this is looking really cool, and I love that your including Alolan sandslash, will there be anymore Alolan forms?
impressive, how far done are you?
I'm going to update the thread as soon as possible. I've made many changes since then.
This looks amazing!

I love everything about this game. It's so detailed, especially the maps.

FRLG used to be my least favourite games, but, despite that, I think I'll actually play this one!

I honestly can't critise anything in this game. Great job!

Can't wait to see it finished.
Thred updated with a new story, screenshots and features
Thanks for the feedback, guys!
Here are some new images btw!
[Image: p3zihXK.png] [Image: Xm40AoH.png] [Image: Eymlz3h.png] [Image: QMHUxLg.png]