Demo Pokémon: Legends of the Arena
Cool concept! Are you planning on making any of your own sprites?
Hoping this one gets finished I played it a while ago with some friends and we fell in love with it
I plan on doing an LP of this, so i'm definitely excited to try it out. Would love to see this get finished, it looks really good.
Good luck on your project. Kudos to you for doing something different.
It looks amazing! I love the concept and you are absolutely right about the boringness of some fan games including gyms.

I really love the sprites and graphics. They always determine the quality of a game, and I can tell this one is of high standard!

The maps are so detailed! I love them and can't wait to play!

I've only got one suggestion. Maybe, as part of the post game, the character can transfer to another region to battle gyms or maybe have a battle tent where they can face the leaders of other regions. While some people like originality, there are still those who like the original concept.

Just a suggestion though, otherwise, it looks great! Can't wait to see it finished!
This game changed quite a few things, and made everything fresh in my eyes. I, strangely, loved the risk of spending my money in this game...