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Home - A Pokémon Story
2 4.65%
Jam Party Pokémon Error
1 2.33%
Operation Strike Back
4 9.30%
Pokémon Bonfire Stories
5 11.63%
Pokémon Chrysalis
1 2.33%
Pokémon Pantheon
8 18.60%
Pokémon Paradox
2 4.65%
Pokémon Plastic Pyrite
2 4.65%
Pokémon Rose Gold
11 25.58%
Steve the Bibarel
5 11.63%
The Mysterious Island
2 4.65%
Total 43 vote(s) 100%
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[Image: jam2.png]
Spotlight Results and Thanks

First of all, big "Thank you!"s go out to everyone who participated this year! It's all your efforts that make the jam after all, and this year we had even more entries!
Everyone who submitted a game within the deadline has of course earned themselves a lovely badge: [Image: jam2016.png]
But now, we would like to announce the games that the judges have chosen to spotlight!
In no particular order, the spotlight winners are:

[Image: 1vCzYUk.png]
[Image: 5znQ3I5.png]
Pokémon Umber by @Dawn Bronze

[Image: Screenshot7.png]
[Image: Screenshot1.png][Image: Screenshot2.png][Image: Sceenshot3.png][Image: Screenshot4.png][Image: Screenshot5.png][Image: Screenshot6.png]
Pokémon: Attack on Silph Co. by @NoodlesButt

[Image: 2S27za5.png]
[Image: x4wkU2b.png][Image: PHopbW5.png][Image: PG9jDa0.png][Image: LeXnlV1.png][Image: HpFfyA8.png][Image: q61WAFo.png][Image: mBFZGCl.png][Image: tz4CMi0.png]
Pokémon Thyme by @'Hukon Riisu'

[Image: jam2016spotlight.png]Congratulations to all three Developers! You've earned the Spotlight Badge! [Image: jam2016spotlight.png]

End of Game Jam Announcement

Now that every game has been submitted and the judges have announced their spotlights, what's left of the game jam? Besides playing all the new games, there is one more thing before we can end this jam properly. It's time for the community choice!
There is one more spotlight that needs to be awarded, and that one goes to the game chosen by the Relic Castle Community. Untill the end of the month we will have a poll up where you can vote for the game you think earned that final spotlight. In the meantime, be sure to let all of the game jam developers know how much you enjoyed playing their games; everyone put in great effort this year and produced some amazing projects.
Congratulations to the winners! I've played all three of these, and they were all very nice games - I'm particularly happy to see Pokemon Thyme up here, which I thought was a charming hop along a fun setting filled with quirky humor and endearing characters. While the story wasn't particularly engrossing or original, all the right spices - thyme included, I think - were there!

Great job to all the people that participated! I hope to hear a good amount of discussion for all games, too! I'm excited to hear everyone's opinions on, well, everything!
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Congrats to anyone up there! I'm so happy to have participated in this and I can't wait to see who gets chosen as the community spotlight!
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[Image: 93ZFO1U.png]
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Oh, great job everyone! The entries were great, and hopefully you'll enjoy that shiny new badge Wink
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Good job and thank you to everyone who submitted a game. This has all been very fun for me Smile
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Thanks so much to the judges for giving my little game a spotlight! I had such a blast making it, and I'm really glad they liked it enough to give it one of the spotlight picks Smile Congrats to the other winners too! I've played a bit of both of them, and they were very good from what I played! (Way better than my game. It's really amazing my game was considered to be of the same standard as theirs, actually Tongue)

This game jam has been really fun, and I really did learn a lot from making my short game. Seriously, I knew a lot LOT less than I though I did about RPG Maker before I started making Umber, but after releasing it I think I now know enough to tackle a larger scale project like I've always wanted to do! So I'd say it was a complete success for me!
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(08-24-2016, 04:39 PM)Dawn Bronze Wrote: Seriously, I knew a lot LOT less than I thought I did about RPG Maker before I started.

This ^ I learnt a lot from making this game and from the critique received. From story to graphics to difficulty (hehe). Thanks so much for the spotlight, I can't wait till next year!
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well, there's quite a few games here to play. Anyone got any recommendation on where to start?

I don't now if I should work my way up, or save the best for last.
(08-27-2016, 02:30 PM)Silent Night Wrote: well, there's quite a few games here to play. Anyone got any recommendation on where to start?

I don't now if I should work my way up, or save the best for last.

The spotlights seems to be good, otherwise go with the top community choices, as those are what the community seems to prefer.