Pokemon Carbon Black
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Pokemon Carbon Black takes place in the Tennoh region, a newly found region in which was found to inhabit many styles of Pokemon.


Your journey begins in the Tennoh Academy, a prestigious school for aspiring trainers to learn and understand Pokemon.
After taking the Pokemon Partner Test, you'll obtain a starter (gen 1 - 6) depending on your answers, 
then you will start your Pokemon adventure. Battling Gyms, Evil Organizations ... and that guy who lived next to you in the Academy.


Original Region && Storyline,
Generation 6 Pokemon,
Custom Menu Graphics,
Mega Evolutions,


[Image: 8fcebb7527f1cb2b8f8fdbbaeb272d05.png]
Exiting the Academy

[Image: 3940361f0d70d4ab63b2e08ace483b50.png]
Battle System

[Image: 0a5190105ed3908e05f1424c15c1d065.png]
Player School Room

[Image: 069211095313edbe24104af02e86c18b.png]
New custom Menu

[Image: 892e95b9d1093e23ce4cef4901635ada.png]
Class Room taught by...Cynthia???

More Screenshots will be added as the game advances.

Help Wanted!

I could use some help with the scripting of certain things,
and someone well versed in map creation.
Possibly willing to pay.

Credits(So far):

Luka S.J- Mouse
shiney570 - Pokemon Essentials BW2 Mod,Game Mode Script
Unreal time system - by FL

crypto-aquana (Trainer Sprites)
0rcv0 (Trainer Sprites)
gnomowladny (Tileset Sprites)
alucus (Tileset Sprites)
carchagui (Tileset Sprites)
chaoticcherrycake (Tileset Sprites)
cuddlesthefatcat (Tileset Sprites)
derlo (Tileset Sprites)
evolina (Tileset Sprites)
geoisevil (Tileset Sprites)
kagenosensei (Tileset Sprites)
kod-3r (Tileset Sprites)
mayu-hikaru (Tileset Sprites)
tebited15 (Tileset Sprites)
wesleyfg (Tileset Sprites)
wilsonscarloxy (Tileset Sprites)
zeo254 (Tileset Sprites)
magiscarf (Tileset Sprites)

Still looking for someone to help make the map.
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