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Work In Progress Yugioh Hearts of the Cards
Work in progress! Current Release: (None yet)
To make a long story short, after starting my own Pokemon game I realized I was in over my head and needed a lot more practice with Essentials and RMXP; now I'm making this game, which is much smaller but requires me to mess around with everything.

Introduction: Hearts of the Cards is a Yugioh fan game where you can build relationships with characters from the original cast. So it's mostly a dating sim, but with the autonomy of an RPG and the battle system of a Pokemon game.

The storyline is based on the original Yugioh series. The game starts during the Season 0 Shadow Games, and progresses as you build relationships. The story advances after a relationship is taken to the next level, higher than any other. For example, going on one date with Yuugi would move the story from the Shadow Games arc to the Duelist Kingdom arc; you then might have one date with Jou, or one date with Anzu, but the story won't move onto the next arc (Battle City) untill you have gone on a second date someone. You can try to juggle a lot of relationships, but when it finally comes to romance, you'll have to make some choices! Yes I'm saying you can go on several dates and even be flirty without creating a Romantic relationship. You are free to cultivate Platonic relationships with many characters as well as being in a Romantic relationship.

  • Tons of custom/original artwork (Hoping to get some other artists involved for character portraits, but that will wait untill there's a demo at least)
  • Multiple endings
  • Player gender does not restrict relationships in any way (Player has no pronouns. Everyone is pan?)
  • A condensed Pokemon-style battle system
  • Different starters to choose from with branching evolutionary paths
  • The overworld changes to reflect the plot/passage of time (some small changes, some bigger ones)
  • Mini-games and side quests
  • Branching conversation paths that lead to different outcomes (not just endings)
  • Customize your own apartment with gifts from favorite characters 
  • Whenever possible, NPCs have pools of dialogue instead of just one thing to say
  • Lots of canon characters, easter eggs, and cameos to find.
  • Dynamic day/night cycles

(Some might still be from earlier in development, and thus might be different in the final game.)

[Image: ZMuzgoi.gif][Image: pDeys1X.gif][Image: uhG6buW.gif][Image: CQGtbL6.gif][Image: tumblr_nmz9geWmRu1rfgeslo1_400.gif]

I've posted the following videos:

A video showing the earliest gameplay (hosted on the Tumblr Blog)
A video of the same scene as in the video above, but with some different dialogue chosen and much better mapping (links to the blog again)
A video showing the gameplay beginning with a new game (on the blog again, but can also be found later on in this very thread)


Lead Dev: Aki

Supervisor: Frank

"Ideas guy": Chu 

Made possible with RPG Maker XP , the Pokemon Essentials starter kit by Poccil, Flameguru, and Maruno. And everyone from Relic Castle!

Even if it's not Pokemon, I hope you guys will still give me your input!
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The mapping could use some work on the park, but I'm looking forward to see where this goes! How do you plan to implement the card game?
Haven't been really interested in Yugioh, (I played the card games for only 2 weeks) but once you release some sort of demo or release more screenshots, I would definitely try this out! Maybe get a little bit of Yugioh knowledge in there, who knows. Tongue

The park does feel a little bit open, maybe add a little bit more detail on the edges of the map. Just an idea? (Unless that doesn't work in Yugioh)
[Image: ElI74dC.png]
@Atomic Reactor
Instead of cards, I'm putting in duel monsters where Pokemon battles would be. So it would be just like playing with fakemon I suppose, but I'm calling them Deck Masters. The Sacred Cards game actually had a type system, so I'm adopting that. Which was total BS in that game and works better as Pokemon anyway. The type effectiveness works as two separate cycles:
Pyro → Forest → Wind → Earth → Thunder → Aqua → Pyro
Light → Fiend → Dreams → Shadow→Light
I've also put in Divine, and made it resist all while only being weak to itself, but I don't know yet if I'll actually include Divine monsters.

Thanks I know my maps still need work. And I like to think that the mapping won't be that different from Pokemon style, with the exception of using lots of unique buildings.  Tongue
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I'd love to help out :-)
Thank you! I'm not sure what kind of help I need right now, but I'll gladly hear any ideas and opinions you have as the project progresses!  Hm. Did that sound like I was turning you down? Haha. Seriously I think what I need most at this point is to just get my ideas out of my head and let other people have a look at them.  Tongue

Anyway... that said, here's rough mock-up of what I want the main map to look like. This will be the central area, with one more map in each direction. (I said it was a small game didn't I?) I want to get the layout down, so that I can design the buildings accordingly. I know I'm breaking some Pokemon mapping rules, but anyone have thoughts?
[Image: N5QKEjC.png]
[Image: u8xRtYU.gif]  [Image: 7hJzmPy.png]  [Image: LiQTRi1.gif]
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The "blueprint" layout looks pretty nice although we'll have to see what the maps look like later on. Good work!

It reminds me of the starting town (forgot the name) of where the guild is in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. There's a lot of detail in every section which is nice.
[Image: ElI74dC.png]
Can I get some thoughts on a building I've been working on? I think it needs...something.
[Image: olQJubb.png]The entrance is one the right side, none on this front side.
 It's mostly based off this: 
[Image: DMx056_Almondo.jpg]
[Image: u8xRtYU.gif]  [Image: 7hJzmPy.png]  [Image: LiQTRi1.gif]
↓ Sometimes I try writing tutorials ↓
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I think the empty blue space you have in the middle is a little bit too much.

Consider making the building less tall?
I would add some windows. It's a bit boring at the moment.

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